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  • In 2011 the company `MK SKSM` increased the volume of production twofold

In 2011 the company `MK SKSM` increased the volume of production twofold

In 2011 the company `MK SKSM`, which is specializing on production and assemblage of metalwork, increase the volume of production of metalwork twofold. According to the chairman of the company `MK SKSM` Sergei Korobko, the increase of the volume of production happened thanks to the expansion of sales market both geographically and by including the companies, working in different sectors of economy, into the list of clients. Moreover, the project, where the company participated, became more technologically advanced.

By 2008 `MK SKSM` specialized on manufacturing of products for industrial and civilian construction. In 2011 the projects on production of metalwork for companies of different sectors of economy, particularly in fuel-energy complex of both Russia and Ukraine, prevailed in order portfolio  of the company` - Mr. Korobko informed.

The chairman also highlighted that in 2011 Russian companies comprised the main part of orders of the company.  But in the beginning of 2012 the part of Ukrainian orders significantly increased. `This year we are waiting for significant modernization and reorganization of enterprises of fuel-energy and metallurgical complexes of Ukraine. `MK SKSM` will take active part in tenders. The work experience of the company on the markets of fuel-energy complexes of both Russia and Ukraine will become the crucial factor in making decision in favour of our company` - highlighted Mr. Korobko.

Reference: `MK SKSM` was founded in 2000. The company specializes on designing and producing of metalwork for erection of industrial and civilian objects on the basis of individual projects, production-release designs, and non-standard equipment. During its operation, the company successfully fulfilled more than 9 large-scale projects. Among the clients of the company there are: `Philip Morris Ukraine`, `Procter&Gamble`, `Malturop`, `Interbrew`, GSE. MK SKSM` is a partner of Ukrainian SSTC `Energostal`.